seems that we're sinking again

i always trust you, even when i don't want to

a couple of kids play pretend

but nobody blames em, 'cause how could they know

so maybe we've got it all wrong

maybe my body was never meant to share your bed, to clear your head, to fill your songs

or maybe we're young and we're scared

of saying too much and then feeling too little

when the rain falls, we're never prepared


but we stay here

we stay here


seems that somewhere down the line

you chose to run to, the damage i've done to you

a couple of cards holding back

and nobody plays em, 'cause how could they fold

see i don't want to get this all wrong

'cause i think your body was always meant to share my bed, to clear my head, to fill my songs

so just for the record, i'm scared of feeling too much and then saying too little

when the stars shine, it's beyond compare


so please stay here

please stay here


seems that we're sinking again

i'll always love you, even if you don't want me to