Impose Shares Exclusive Stream of Stay Here

hello! no more silly third person. i am so psyched that the lovely folks over at impose have shared these new songs, which together make up S T A Y * H E R E, ahead of its upcoming december 9th release. i've been sitting on this project for a minute and feel so grateful to be able to bring it to you now.

you can read the article here and listen via soundcloud (can also listen via soundcloud below lol!).

Katy To Play Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 7th

Katy's thrilled to be playing a rare homecoming show in her native Los Angeles this coming Thursday night, July 7th, at Hotel Cafe, a venue she grew up dreaming of playing one day. She'll be taking the second stage at 7 pm, opening for acclaimed singer-songwriter Taylor John Williams, of The Voice fame. Tickets can be purchased at the door or via this link!

Doors at 6:30 / Show at 7:00 / July 7, 2016 / Hotel Cafe / Los Angeles, California

New Interview with Highlight Magazine

So happy to share that Katy has been named Highlight Magazine's latest "Highlighted Artist." Check out the full interview via Highlight Mag to hear more about Katy's "cool / sexy" dorm room writing process and love of Nora Ephron.

"Haunting and beautiful," Highlight writes, "the voice of Katy Carmichael will echo through your subconscious. Teetering between the poppy optimism of Sara Bareilles and the darkness of Brandi Carlile, this Nashville songwriter is a must have on your radar." Thank you Highlight!

The Wild Honey Pie on "Seams" // "Subtly Complex, Strong & Honest"

Critically acclaimed Brooklyn-based music blog The Wild Honey Pie can't get enough of "Seams." Focusing on the song's emotional impact, they write: "[Katy's] simple plea, 'please stay here,' is magnified by layered harmonies, which envelop us in a frayed relationship that is not yet broken. Yet, we don't pity Carmichael because her 'vulnerability' is candid, authentic and truthful. 'Seams' is so moving because it's as much about what's not there as what is."

We're so honored to read these words and know that Katy's intentions in writing "Seams" are being recognized and related to. Her aptly-titled EP, Stay Here, is coming soon.

New Interview with IndieNoise

"Sad girl indie pop" is on the rise. Be sure to check out Katy's interview with IndieNoise!

Here's an excerpt:

"Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Katy Carmichael has recently emerged in the Nashville music scene after moving to the city for school. She is a part of The Pressure Kids, a band recently featured by IndieNoise, but due to her love of music since she was young, she has also begun working on her own solo project. [We have] essentially been obsessively playing Katy’s new single, 'Seams,' on repeat since it fell into our lap a couple of weeks ago. This ambient, indie-pop song is sure to give all listeners chills as Katy’s voice seems to float throughout the song, capturing the attention of anyone who is lucky enough to be listening."

Blogs All Over the Globe Are Loving "Seams"

Over the past couple of weeks, music blogs from Nashville all the way to Paris, France have been posting and re-posting "Seams," the debut single from Katy Carmichael. The Revue asserted that the track "resounds with Lorde's breadth of multiple layers and textures to captivate the listener, Daughter's haunting and ethereal poignancy, and Sharon Van Etten's intimate and vulnerable songwriting." Unruly Factions praised Katy for being "a promising, young singer-songwriter whose impressive debut single, 'Seams,' is a heartfelt confessional that hits hard and deep." Music Creates Us featured her and highlighted the song's "honest lyricism." On February 8th, popular French lifestyle website,  MadmoiZelle, featured "Seams" as their "beat de la week." We are so excited that Katy's music is beginning to be heard on a global platform!

Be sure to stream "Seams" via SoundCloud or Spotify, buy on iTunes, and stay tuned for further news and announcements.


Nylon Premieres Katy's Debut Single, "Seams"

Thrilled and honored to announce that Nylon has premiered the debut single off of Katy's forthcoming EP, Stay Here. Nylon described the track, "Seams," as "a truly real piece of music that captures the pain and confusion that comes with breakups," specifically praising "her soulful voice" that "perfectly accompanies [the song's] achingly honest lyrics." 

Nylon is hailing Katy as "the hybrid of Daughter and Sara Bareilles that you always wanted." You can check out the full piece via Nylon and stream "Seams" below, featuring gorgeous artwork by Jordan Weitzman.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.48.10 PM.png