Blogs All Over the Globe Are Loving "Seams"

Over the past couple of weeks, music blogs from Nashville all the way to Paris, France have been posting and re-posting "Seams," the debut single from Katy Carmichael. The Revue asserted that the track "resounds with Lorde's breadth of multiple layers and textures to captivate the listener, Daughter's haunting and ethereal poignancy, and Sharon Van Etten's intimate and vulnerable songwriting." Unruly Factions praised Katy for being "a promising, young singer-songwriter whose impressive debut single, 'Seams,' is a heartfelt confessional that hits hard and deep." Music Creates Us featured her and highlighted the song's "honest lyricism." On February 8th, popular French lifestyle website,  MadmoiZelle, featured "Seams" as their "beat de la week." We are so excited that Katy's music is beginning to be heard on a global platform!

Be sure to stream "Seams" via SoundCloud or Spotify, buy on iTunes, and stay tuned for further news and announcements.